Docebo Is The World Leader In LMS

Docebo is one of the world’s top 10 SaaS eLearning solutions. It’s probably the best LMS out there right now in the year 2015. It contains some of the most comprehensive solutions for training management and has been chosen by some of the most respected companies in the world. This is an easy to use LMS for managing, delivering and tracking ILT and WBT activities. Docebo is available in 30 languages and is ready to use off the shelf to global clients.

Here are some of Docebo’s main features:

Test, Tracking and Reporting-
You are easily able to monitor and track performance with an advanced test engine. There are course tracking features with a rich selection of default and custom reports you can easily create.

Users are engaged with the game design applied to learning context. Badges and awards can be created to award learners for progress gained inside the LMS. The badges will set a ranking between the users.

Branding and White Labeling-
This feature allows for your Docebo LMS to be customized to specific business or institution. Design logo, colors and layouts to define your web domain.

ILT Classroom Training-
Docebo has features allowing for courses and sessions to be easily managed with both classroom and blended training.

Web conferencing-
Docebo Cloud LMS is connected with BigBlueButton, Cisco, Adobe, WebEx. OnSyn by Digital Samba, Citrix GoToMeeting and TeleSkill Live.

What you can expect from Docebo:
They will help define, build, and design enhancements that aligns to business goals. Providing integration with 50+ 3rd party leading platforms and technologies, Docebo seamlessly integrates with, SAML or to deliver you webinars with many platforms.

They have a superior help desk available to answer any questions and provide support in fast response times to grant you fast resolution to any issue. With their specialists and customer success managers, they offer implementation of their product to ensure it runs smoothly. They achieve this by using onboard methodology, designed to help you launch your LMS and keep it running.

What’s New with Docebo:
This month Docebo released a new version of their LMS that features:
* Multi-domain enhanced app, to manage multiple clients from a single LMS. This will improve user experience and allow for automatic setup for domain configuration and http addresses.
* Expansion of the most popular LMS widget feature allowing multiple configurations to be saved and assigned to different users.
* Re-certification and training certificates app to create certificates validating user skills.
* Administrators are now able to store test questions in a bank for re-use in a new module. This gives the ability to single source questions among multiple tests.